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Globe Way Learning Series for Globe Telecom Inc.

Globe Way Learning Series for GlobeBayan Academy developed a 6-day training for Globe Telecom on enculturating Globe’s new and existing employees on the company’s six core values:

  • We put our Customers first
  • Our people make the difference
  • We act with integrity
  • We care like an owner
  • We keep things simple
  • To us, it’s be fast or be last

Structured learning experiences, exercises, lecture and case discussions were designed to concretize Globe values into tangible management skills and attitudes.

With these series of courses, the objective was that every participant would be able to change his/her mindset from being just an employee to being a co-family of Globe and, consequently, improve his/her behavior and skills towards the betterment of the company.


Leadership and human resource development program for Ropali Corporation

Leadership and human resource development programBayan Academy developed a highly customized three-day leadership and human development training program for Ropali Corporation and its sister company, PR Savings Bank. The training aimed to address the need to empower, professionalize and build the confidence of the participants to become full-fledged supervisors and managers.

The program served as a venue for the participants to assess themselves and develop their abilities to lead, communicate, feel and do.

The training program covered the following:

  • Whole Brain Thinking and Learning System and Self Mastery
  • anaging the Human Resource Function
  • The Five Ms of Managing People
  • Learning to Lead

Master in Corporate Entrepreneurship (MCE) for Pepsi

Bayan Academy, in partnership with the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB), has developed the Master in Business Administration degree in Corporate Entrepreneurship (MCE).
The MCE is a 72-day course (spread across twernty four months) covering the most important facets of corporate entrepreneurship and are aimed at:

  1. cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, value creation and quantum leaps in productivity and performance;
  2. setting the industry pace for technological revolution and improvements;
  3. sharpening the critical, systemic and creative thinking skills and enhancing intuitive abilities;
  4. creating differentiation as the cutting-edge leader in exploiting challenging opportunities and embracing change as a way of life.

In November 2012, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc (PCPPI) became the first MCE client wherein twenty of PCPPI’s top managers were chosen and given scholarships to attend the said course. The curriculum was further customized to the strategies and needs of PCPPI through internal-based case studies and actual application within the workplace.