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Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA)


What is EETA?

The Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA) is an annual award given by ABS-CBN Bayan Academy to public and private schools offering elementary and secondary education nationwide.


The award recognizes the innovative efforts of schools in transforming themselves into institutions that promote learning effectiveness and school efficiency while being true to their vision, mission and values.


Learn more about EETA and find out the criteria for evaluation by downloading the full brochure here.


Is your school interested in applying for the EETA?
Download the complete guidelines and the prequalification form here.


Teacher’s Training


Bayan Academy’s strategy to democratize education involves the training of teachers all over the Philippines on how to impart entrepreneurship skills and values to their students. A 10-day Faculty Capability Building Program (FCBP) trains teachers in entrepreneurship and management education and introduces new paradigms, including new learning strategies and case development for ducational institutions focusing on Whole Brain Learning and Self Mastery, and Strategic Planning and Leadership.


A Teaching Entrepreneurship and Management (TEM) course also provides teachers and trainors with the necessary skills, methodologies and competencies to conduct entrepreneurship courses at the community level and to teach the various academic programs of Bayan Academy. In pursuit of this strategy to democratize education, Bayan Academy has partnered with educational institutions on the high school, college and postgraduate levels.