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Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Management (GEM)

The Entrep Eskwela or the Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Management program (GEM) was created to promote and develop microenterprises and livelihood projects to increase sales, assets, profits and the net worth of its participants. GEM helps those who join the program learn the various aspects of enterprise and self management by authoring and implementing over 100 modules gathered into several training courses under an umbrella consisting of three key learning areas. The primary audience of GEM is clients of microfinance institutions, primarily women borrowers with livelihood and micro enterprises.


The modules and courses were designed by experts in training small and medium scale entrepreneurs to be very relevant and responsive to the learning preferences of the targeted grassroots audience. They are predominantly audio-visual and presented in Filipino. The materials have been translated into different languages for easy access: English for the high school and BS Entrepreneurship programs of Bayan, and also Visayan, Hiligaynon, Maguindanaon, and Bicolano.

The three main clusters of learning under GEM are:

Self Mastery

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Creating a Personal Vision
  • Personal Wealth Management
  • Entrepreneur in Heart and Mind
  • Being and Becoming

Situation Mastery

  • The Macro-Environment (EA)
  • Internal Assessment (IA)

Situation Mastery

  • Practical Research Methodologies
  • Opportunity Seeking, Screening and Seizing – Part A & B
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing Mix (4 Ps)
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Entrepreneurial Operations: Understanding Customer Expectations – Part I – A & B
  • Operations Management II – A & B
  • Human Resources Management
  • Understanding, Analyzing, and Forecasting Financial Statements
In 2008, GEM gained prominence in democratizing entrepreneurship as Bayan Academy’s
partner institutions disseminated the program to their low-income borrowers and constituent communities
through their trainers. To date, there are 402 accredited trainers and the trainees now number
in the hundreds of thousands.