a biography in twilight

Published on 2019
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Material No.: 1 Call No.: OM5.4.2-2010-1
Title: a biography in twilight Author: Laarni S. Baluyot
Management Function: Operations Management Management Sub-function: Productivity and Operations Performance Management
Type of Material: Case Study Industry or Sector: Business Process Outsourcing
Supplements: Issue Focus: Entrepreneurship
Copyright By: ACEME, Inc. Copyright Year: 2010
Published by: ACEME, Inc. Published in: Makati City
Year of Setting: 2007 Country of Setting: Philippines
Additional Topics: Learning to Do,Internal Assessment Source(Course): Master in Entrepreneurship
Body Length: 10 pages Annex/es Length: 7 pages

Beyond Target Inc., led by its president Paula Gonzales, is challenged by its fierce competitors in the IT-BPO Industry. Being a newbie in the business, Ms. Gonzales has to think of ways on how to improve the company’s performance and ultimately, achieve its targets. She decides to make a rundown of all the aspects of her business including the company’s expected outputs and its capability to achieve them, which calls for a quick assessment of the company’s frontliners and team leaders who are instrumental in churning out revenues for both inbound and outbound calls. A combination of first-person and third-person point of view, this case makes an interesting discussion on how Ms. Gonzales is trying hard to keep it together for the company. 

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