a progression plan for heirs, heiresses, and professional managers

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Material No.: 2 Call No.: LG2.0.2-2010-2
Title: a progression plan for heirs, heiresses, and professional managers Author: Eduardo A. Morato, Jr.
Management Function: Leadership and Governance and General Management Management Sub-function: Organizational Leadership
Type of Material: Text Industry or Sector: General
Supplements: Issue Focus: Entrepreneurship
Copyright By: ACEME, Inc. Copyright Year: 2010
Published by: ACEME, Inc. Published in: Makati City
Year of Setting: 2010 Country of Setting: Philippines
Additional Topics: Human Resources Source(Course): Master in Entrepreneurship
Body Length: 4 pages Annex/es Length: 0 pages

In this reading, the author discusses the critical role of developing future leaders of the organization in the context of progression instead of succession. Leadership succession poses a great dilemma for organizations whose leaders leave behind "big shoes to fill" thus, requiring the next leaders to take on the role of the three O's: Originator, Operator, and Organizer. Because of this rather high expectation for future leaders, the author chooses to use the word "progression," which means developing the latter based on their own potentials, talents, competencies and personalities. This holds true for children of founding-parent of enterprises as well as professional managers who are groomed to be the next leaders. The author offers different approaches to ensure success of the Progression Plan. 

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