women power

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Material No.: 5 Call No.: MM1.0.4-2009-5
Title: women power Author: George S. Quitoriano
Management Function: Marketing Management Management Sub-function: Market Research (Methodologies, Tools and Techniques)
Type of Material: Case Study Industry or Sector: General
Supplements: Issue Focus: Gender and Youth
Copyright By: ACEME, Inc. Copyright Year: 2009
Published by: ACEME, Inc. Published in: Makati City
Year of Setting: 2009 Country of Setting: Philippines
Additional Topics: Sales Data Mining,Opportunity Seeking,Macroenvironmental Analysis Source(Course): Master in Entrepreneurship
Body Length: 14 pages Annex/es Length: 2 pages

The changing landscape in the female sector reveals a myriad of opportunities to entrepreneur seeking to gain a foothold in this market segment. The case exhibits how sales data mining, if correctly executed could spell out a lot of realizations for the entrepreneur. A mix of primary and secondary data enables the entrepreneur to determine what types of market it should cater to and what kind of products should be made available to this market. With reference to the demographics provided in the case, there is an indication that there is a growing number of female joining the workforce thus, increasing the buying power particularly those between the age of 15 to 24 years old. This data only shows that there has been a noticeable increase in the younger age group working instead of finishing school mainly due to financial difficulties. On the other hand, the case also emphasizes how the entrepreneur values data gathered out of primary market research tools such as survey. 

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