concept shops: where to sell to the masses? (part 2): citynomics

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Material No.: 7 Call No.: MM7.20.2-2008-7
Title: concept shops: where to sell to the masses? (part 2): citynomics Author: Laarni S. Baluyot
Management Function: Marketing Management Management Sub-function: Place and Location Analysis
Type of Material: Case Study Industry or Sector: Trade
Supplements: Concept Shops: Where to Sell to the Masses? (Part 1) Issue Focus: Entrepreneurship
Copyright By: ACEME, Inc. Copyright Year: 2008
Published by: ACEME, Inc. Published in: Makati City
Year of Setting: 2008 Country of Setting: Philippines
Additional Topics: Macroenvironmental Analysis,Opportunity Screening Source(Course): Master in Entrepreneurship
Body Length: 14 pages Annex/es Length: 0 pages

Challenged with the task of determining the right location for his retail shops, JM Gonzalo scanned through the different data made available to him from secondary sources. From the first part of this case (Part 1), Mr. Gonzalo seems to be keen on looking out for potential locations among the sprouting malls within and outside Metro Manila. As it is, Mr. Gonzalo took notice of the train stations connected to certain malls for which he found very promising because of the high foot traffic these train stations generate not only for the mall connecting to it but also to the other shops located within the train terminals. This case is a take off from where Mr. Gonzalo left in Part 1 taking his location analysis at the micro level, thus labeled as "citynomics." It lists down the different malls located within the major cities in Metro Manila including Makati City, Quezon City, Mandaluyong City, and City of Manila. However, the case ends with a question whether Mr. Gonzalo would still need additional information before finally deciding on which areas to locate his retail shops. 

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