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Research and Development


Bayan Academy offers Research and Consultancy services to social development, corporate and academic institutions.

“Bayan Academy is envisioned to become the Center for Social Entrepreneurship, not only in the Philippines but in Asia.”


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Bayan Academy has a three-pronged strategy in conducting research and development, which consists of 1) new product development, 2) institutional development, and 3) corporate research.
Its R&D has pooled a team of researchers to conduct research that creates new knowledge for client corporations. As such, it advocates the creation of Knowledge Resource Centers in its partner organizations to make every institution a learning organization. Knowledge Resource Centers source information, tools and techniques (Knowledge Sourcing), stores them so the organization can use them (Knowledge Storing), create new knowledge (Knowledge Creation) and disseminate it to the organization (Knowledge Dissemination).
Bayan Academy also promotes Learning Methodologies and Materials Development, encouraging participants in its teachers’ training programs to continuously create new products, programs, materials, and services that meet the changing needs of the times. In this regard, Bayan Academy has joined forces with Knowledge Channel to produce educational videos on entrepreneurship using GEM materials. Another partner in this endeavor is the Alternative Learning System of the Department of Education whose materials will be used by Knowledge Channel for the instructional work of “mobile teachers” who want to reach far-flung communities outside the formal school system.
To date, Bayan Academy’s Learning Materials Bank boasts of a broad collection of frameworks and curriculum designs, course designs, thought pieces, exercises, process/guide questions, hand outs, power point presentations, tool kits, film clips, video documentations, teaching notes, speeches, business plans, completion reports, and over 20 books authored by Dr. Eduardo Morato, Jr.