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Why Best
Bayan Educational Systems & Technologies (BEST) is the arm of Bayan Academy that offers management training programs to various organizations. Bayan Academy has developed customized in-house learning programs for the country’s top organizations. These programs are also made available in public trainings and workshops.

Among the vital topics BEST tackles are leadership, strategy, innovation, management creativity, futuristic thinking, whole brain management and the various management functions (i.e. human resource, marketing, operations and finance).

Research-based Learning

The BEST training programs blend scholarly research on the most relevant management philosophies, processes, actual insights, and learnings from top-notch practitioners and organizations from the Philippines and the world. Transcending the latest management training fads, BEST integrates academic rigor and real-world experience in designing learning programs to equip participants with immediately applicable knowledge, attitudes and skills.

Experiential and Empathetic Learning Methods

Bayan Academy’s unique approach to learning begins with the Whole Brain Learning System (WBLS). WBLS explores the myriad facets of the thinking brain – how it is configured, how it learns and how it grows. WBLS is anchored on the scientific studies of Drs. Roger Sperry, Paul Mclean, Ned Hermann and Howard Gardner and revisits the theories of Carl Jung and the adaptations of Drs. Myers and Briggs. This approach ensures that Bayan Academy’s training programs respond to the various ways people learn, think and perform, making each program a mix of engaging learning experiences.


Renowned Faculty

Bayan Academy’s speakers, facilitators and consultants are highly respected for their deep management and leadership experience in business, entrepreneurship, academe, social development, government and non-profit organizations. Equipped with post-graduate degrees from universities here and aborad, Bayan Academy’s faculty members continuously expand their appreciation, knowledge and expertise via teaching, research and consultancy for small to large organizations. With a combined teaching experience of over 100 years, Bayan Academy’s speakers and facilitators are competent in the most effective teaching methodologies and pedagogies.
Highly Accomplished Participants

Bayan Academy’s public and in-house courses have been attended by important members of the Philippines’ major organizations, including PepsiCo, Globe Telecommunications, Ropali Corporation, PR Savings Bank, JG Summit, NATTCO, Bayan Telecommunications, Center for Culinary Arts (CCA), TSPI, PBSP, and the American Hearing Center. The dynamic mix of participants ensures a holistic set of management experiences and perspectives while allowing the learner to broaden their network.