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What is apex?

APEX (Awards, Publications and Expositions) is responsible for creating greater awareness for building the social capital of Bayan Academy through awards-giving, publications and academic expositions. It serves as one of the marketing channels where Bayan Academy can showcase its products and services. This is done through the conduct of awards, publishing books and by running expositions. These programs would lead to the generation of new intellectual capital which Bayan Academy can subsequently share and disseminate to a wider audience.

Programs and Services


APEX aims to create a high sense of loyalty, achievement and pride among its stakeholders and constituencies by giving awards. It promotes the 5Es of Bayan Academy and recognizes the value-added contributions of individuals and organizations to the larger audience of Philippine society. The following are the present award-giving activities of Bayan Academy:
- Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA)
- Pinoy Tsuper Hero (Search for Role-model Drivers)
- BPI Sinag Accelerate
- Pinoy Tsuper Hero







As a learning organization, Bayan Academy programs and projects start with solid on-the-ground experiences where it experiments with various approaches to deliver theintended outcomes of the programs or projects. After experiencing and experimenting, Bayan Academy evaluates the results or outcomes of its interventions in order to determine the key success or failure factors. From the evaluation, Bayan Academy extracts the lessons learned into theoretical abstractions that can be shared through knowledge expositions, publications and other similar initiatives.

Dr. Eduardo A. Morato's Published Books (For Selling)

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To continuously transfer the knowledge it creates and shares with the different segments of the society, expositions of knowledge transfer through roundtable discussions, learning events or fora and other similar efforts are being organized by Bayan Academy. It has started this initiative with the collaborative program on the Compassionate Entrepreneurship and Management Education.


For inquiries, kindly contact our Assistant Program Director: Mary Zaida Villanueva

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