#GoGlobal: A Digital Marketing Campaign for MSMEs

Posted under GREAT on November 07, 2018
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Bayan Academy, in partnership with Facebook, is conducting a series of a full-day workshop on how to #BoostYourBusiness from March to November 2018. Participants, mainly MSMEs are expected to gain insights on ways to be creative, best practices, and tools they can use to help them grow their business on Facebook and Instagram.

Dubbed as the National Digital Marketing Campaign, the program aims not only to introduce and to educate MSMEs on the value of digital marketing in growing their businesses but also connects likeminded institutions to be part of the campaign as a way to empower the country’s MSMEs to become global.

It is the overarching objective of this initiative to provide an effective platform to MSMEs of the country the opportunity to explore new potentials beyond boundaries.  It is a venue that they themselves will create their communities where they will exchange their goods or products and for those in service, will use the platform to provide an avenue to invite foreign tourists and visit the different parts of the country.