Basic Programming Using Python Part 2 (Batch 1)

Posted under GREAT on May 20, 2020
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Been planning to learn Python?

A 10-days course designed to introduce programming concepts, establish your fundamental knowledge and skills in python, and additional knowledge in Self-Mastery and Entrepreneurship. Brought to you by Bayan Academy program supported by JP Morgan.

Course Features:
•Ideal for people who’ve been programming in another language but are picking up python for the first time.
•Get introduced to programming concepts.
•Learn to manipulate data structures such as strings, tuples, lists, dictionaries, and sets.
•Learn how to utilize functions and classes.
•Pickup an effective development practice and workflow.
•Exclusive guidance on specific topics that might be giving you trouble.

This is a FREE ONLINE TRAINING, will be given a digital certificate to those who completely finish the training.

To reserve your slot, you may fill-up the application form through this link: Limited slots only!

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