Bayan Academy Delivers Entrepreneurship Training for World Vision in Tacloban City

Posted under great on July 06, 2016
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Bayan Academy recently implemented a series of Entrepreneurship Training for the World Vision Development Foundation’s 191 typhoon Haiyan beneficiaries and 19 of its officers in Tacloban City from April 25 to June 3, 2016.

Speaker Mildred Santos, Accounting Supervisor of Bayan Academy with the participants after the session on Financial Management.

Funded by Aktion Deutschland Hilft, the project was part of World Vision’s livelihood development intervention for the families affected by typhoon Haiyan. Part of the intervention was to train World Vision’s livelihood staff to continuously monitor and coach the beneficiaries as they try to apply the lessons they learned from the training.

The program aimed to inculcate entrepreneurship and management skills amongst the beneficiaries. The target outcome of the training was for the beneficiaries to eventually develop, and grow their existing livelihood activities. It is expected that they will be able to increase their income and help strengthen their ability to provide for the needs of their families.

To ensure better learning, tailored entrepreneurship and management modules for World Vision were developed by Bayan Academy. The modules included sessions on the beneficiaries’ ability to understand themselves through self mastery skills, basic entrepreneurship and the four management areas of marketing, operations, human resources and finance.

Philip S. Felipe, Executive Director and COO of Bayan Academy thanked World Vision through Dir. Ajab Aram MacapagatResponse Director, for collaborating with Bayan Academy for the entrepreneurship training module development and facilitation program targeting Typhoon Haiyan beneficiaries and World Vision Development Foundation officers.

The participants group together for an activity called “Mga Gamit ng Kutsara” that challenged their creative thinking.

Felipe relayed that the program was successful in imparting the importance and value of entrepreneurship as it garnered a favorable evaluation from the participants (beneficiaries and staff). Most of the program components including the overall program received an “outstanding” rating (considered as the highest) which was consistent with the comments and feedbacks given by the participants.

“A participant managing a fruit stand shared that he never thought of receiving a formal training on entrepreneurship in his entire life. Through the training, he was able to understand the significance of monitoring his enterprise’s daily revenues and expenses. He appreciated the importance of dealing with his customers very well and responding to their needs and wants.”

Another participant was so thankful to World Vision for the program. She shared that the speakers were able to deliver the modules in a way that was simple to understand and easy to relate with.

Participants show off their certificates after the five-day entrepreneurship training.

For the World Vision staff, the financial management topic covering the basics of preparing the financial statements was the most appreciated module. They will use the knowledge and skills they learned in coaching and advising the beneficiaries.


For more information about the program, please email Sherry Lyn Dorias, Program Manager of Bayan Academy at or call her at 426 3140.

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