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Posted under great on May 02, 2017
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BAYAN - hood Center has just completed its Tech The four-month program for 2D animation and five-month program for skills essential to their success, as well as to support ongoing efforts of both public and private institutions to boost job creation project immersion to further enhance their competencies, and test their attitude assessment; while the remaining three are scheduled to take their tests.

Rising talent

local animation studio. According to her, the training she received prepared her for the demands of the job. The animation industry has provided opportunities for aspiring local animators and graphic artists to compete globally Rapsing, the course helped him fast track his career in animation.

“The skills I’ve learned, plus the exposure and training I’ve received helped me deliver high-value creative services which made me the Philippines, as a junior animator along other graduates of the program who are Digital, a direct-to-digital studio based in Las Vegas and Manila, specializing in games and apps"

Another inspiring grantee is Marissa Cassica who left her previous work to pursue integrated in-house design and manufac was promoted to operations division head, - ent departments such as administration, purchasing, design, sales and production.

“Through the program, I was able to technopreneurship sessions helped me a breadwinner, the program also provided some of the freelance graduate artists are also in the process of forming their own - to industries offering jobs on animation and visual effects such as entertainment, media and advertising companies. providing opportunities for aspiring local animators and graphic artists to compete millennials who strive for recognition and were committed to improving their craft regardless of the amount of time required women, while 11 of the graduates were high school teachers. The participation of women in high-tech, high-impact.




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