GOINGS ON: Transforming communities, building lives through partnerships

Posted under great on October 20, 2016
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Students of electrical installation and maintenance program conducting their hands on training.

From its humble beginnings in 2010, the JPMorgan Chase and Co. (JPMC) Entrepreneurship Education for Community Development Program has grown into a movement that continues to uplift the lives of many underprivileged Filipinos, helping create better livelihood opportunities and entrepreneurial careers through free tech- voc and entrepreneurship skills education.

As it marks its sixth year of active corporate social responsibility in the Philippines, JPMorgan Chase focuses on bringing holistic intellectual and human capital development through a renewed partnership with Bayan Academy, a social enterprise development institution whose mission is to “serve the servers.”

Leading the way in addressing the needs and challenges of the 21st century global economy, both JPMorgan and Bayan Academy recognize the importance of strategic collaborations in synergizing genuine grassroots intervention efforts.

Enhanced tech-voc program

In an effort to address the skills and job mismatch besetting today’s industry and workforce, Bayan Academy has structured this year ’ s JPMC program to focus on developing high- tech, highimpact, in- demand hard skills.

Compared with the previous JPMC initiatives, this year’s program provides an innovative learning framework that will help achieve full-scale knowledge and techvoc skills transfer. The shift in focus is in response to the looming industry need for workers with 21st century readiness skills including a higher remuneration of graduates.

Partners in progress

Roberto Panlilio, managing director and Philippines Senior Country Officer at JPCM said the renewed partnership with Bayan Academy affirms the company’s commitment to uplifting the lives of the Filipino people through education and skills training.

“We believe it is our responsibility to do the right thing not only for our clients but also the communities we support, and this includes extending support to nationwide efforts focused on employment generation. Addressing the skills gap and jobs mismatch is a critical step towards economic development and inclusive growth.”




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