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Posted under step on April 06, 2019
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Zuellig Family Foundation, in partnership with Bayan Academy, delivered the Health Ecosystem Analysis Training from April 2 to 5, 2019 at St. Giles Hotel, Makati City. There were 29 participants from Zuellig Family Foundation and their partner local government health leaders from Bataan, Aklan, and Agusan del Sur.

Day 4: group photo of the participants of the Health Ecosystem Analysis Training

Zuellig Family Foundation aims to effectively push their Integrated Provincial Health Systems and Development Program (IPHSDP) that will equip the health leaders with the right mindset and tools to create highly functioning health ecosystems in preparation for the implementation of the Universal Healthcare Act. To carry out this mission, Zuellig Family Foundation partnered with Bayan Academy to: 1) conduct universal healthcare readiness assessments of three provinces, and 2) provide a training on health ecosystem analysis, strategic planning, and research methodologies - all in line with the participating provinces’ universal healthcare .

The training component of the partnership had the following objectives: To know how to do a provincial health ecosystem analysis to come up with a provincial universal health care readiness assessment; To know how to translate the findings from the health ecosystem analysis into a provincial universal health care strategic plan and; To mobilize the participants so they could effectively deliver their roles in the health ecosystem analysis to be co-authored by Bayan Academy, Zuellig Family Foundation, and the partner provincial local government units.

The four-day training course, conducted under the Training of Professionals (TOP) unit of Bayan Academy, spanned an array of topics:  Strategic Planning, Internal and External Environment Assessment, Research Methodologies, System Strategy Implementation, Organizing, and Resource Mobilization.

The facilitators who delivered the training sessions were: Ms. Karen Ongtangco and Ms. Aji Espinoza, fellows of Bayan Academy. To ensure engagement with the participants, the facilitators used various methods in conveying the lessons, spanning from case discussions, lectures, application workshops, and creative video clips. Daily exchanges of feedback between the participants and the facilitators resulted to more fruitful and engaging sessions.

Ms. Ongtangco presented the best practices of universal health care in various settings and, specifically, in a Zuellig Family Foundation beneficiary province. She also lectured on how to conduct a universal healthcare readiness assessment using the research manual that she herself developed under the supervision of Bayan Academy’s chairman and president, Dr. Eduardo Morato, Jr.

Ms. Espinoza then led the training on strategically planning for the participants’ provincial universal healthcare programs. She stated that, “Strategies bridge the current situation to the achievement of a chosen end goal or vision”. This allowed the participants to understand the significance of effective evidence-based strategizing which they themselves were about to do for their provinces.

Starting the training with the right mindset, the participants were able to produce comprehensive outputs for all four training days which were great groundwork for the implementation of the IPHSDP. Through the workshops, the health leaders were able to share their respective context and insights. These discussions already served as learning opportunities for the other provinces as well. Towards the end of the training, Dr. Catherine Chung from Zuellig Family Foundation thanked the participants for their  hard work and for expressing their interest to fully participate in the upcoming IPHSDP activities.


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