PAREF Rosehill Team Building Program Through Self-Mastery

Posted under step on June 28, 2019
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The Team Building Program through Self-Mastery for PAREF Rosehill was held on June 27 – 28, 2019 at Eugenio Lopez Center, Antipolo. The event was attended by 60 participants, comprised of the following units: Academics, Personal Formation and Support System. The program was conducted under the Training of Professionals (TOP) unit of Bayan Academy.

Day 2: PAREF Rosehill group photo after the Perfect Square activity

With the goal to strengthen the appreciation and resonance of the Rosehill community with the PAREF Strategy Road Map and PAREF Credo and to facilitate a strategic bonding experience among the different units, Rosehill has partnered with Bayan Academy to run a Team Building Program grounded on the seven Self-Mastery skills which were developed by Dr. Eduardo Morato, Jr., chairman and president of Bayan Academy. The seven Self-Mastery skills, which have been integrated into the activities throughout the program, are Learning to Think, Learning to Intuit, Learning to Feel, Learning to Do, Learning to Communicate, Learning to Lead and Learning to Be.

A series of Structured Learning Experience or SLE activities, grounded in the seven Self-Mastery skills, was led and facilitated by Professor Milagros Lagrosa, senior fellow of Bayan Academy, to foster the personal development of each participant in line with PAREF's organizational goals. Moreover, the activities created an opportunity for the Rosehill community to bond and to strengthen ties with each other as they enter a new school year. At the same time, the team building program also became an avenue to reflect on their personal mission and values.

Ms. Ma. Theresa Marcelo shared that the team building program was an opportunity to maximize their capacity, as leaders and educators, and to unite them as a community. She has expressed her high hopes that the Rosehill community will be able to inspire their students through their education, with the help and support of their parents, to embody the PAREF values on their own free will, both inside and outside of school.


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