FILINVEST - Whole Brain Learning and Critical Thinking Workshop

Posted under step on April 07, 2019
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Bayan Academy, under the Training of Professionals (TOP) Program, in partnership with Filinvest, Alabang Incorporated, recently concluded the Whole Brain Learning and Critical Thinking Workshop. It was delivered in two batches. The first batch was done last September 5, 2018, while the second batch was done last October 24, 2018. Both runs had 26 participants. The participants were rank and file employees from different departments of Filinvest, Alabang. The training sessions were held from 8:30 am to 5:30pm at the 5th floor, Vector Once Building, Northgate, Cyberzone, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City from April 2 to 5, 2019 at St. Giles Hotel, Makati City.

Mr. George “GQ” Quitoriano, facilitating one of the ice-breaker activities

Filinvest, Alabang Incorporated aimed to create and foster harmonious and productive work teams. To achieve this, the training design was conceptualized such that the participants could first have a better and deeper understanding of themselves. Thus, the specific learning objectives of the program were: to help the participants develop the full potentials of the human mind; to train the participants to maximize their learning capacity by recognizing their desired and less-desired brain preferences; and to help the participants understand a situation, resolve an issue, solve a problem, or seize an opportunity using critical thinking.

The one-day workshop, delivered in two batches, discussed the Whole Brain Thinking and Learning System by Dr. Eduardo A. Morato, which also included understanding one’s self and other people using the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument and Myers Briggs Personality Test. In addition, critical thinking and creative thinking were also tackled.

Class picture with Mr. George “GQ” Quitoriano

The resource person who facilitated both batches was Mr. George “GQ” Quitoriano, a senior fellow of Bayan Academy. To ensure active participation of the participants, Mr. GQ used various teaching methods, from lectures, case discussions, group workshops and exercises, to film viewing.

In concluding both days, Mr. GQ said that the brain preferences and other personality tests help us understand ourselves better and, in the process, it should push us to become better individuals. Finally, he also emphasized the value and importance of critical thinking in our lives. He said, “It is purposive thinking which will help us in all our decisions”.

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