The Beginning of NATCCO's Digital Transformation Journey

Posted under best on August 05, 2019
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It all began with a vision of bringing the cooperatives’ goods and services to the world. 

The National Confederation of Cooperative (NATCCO) had called the different units of NATCCO together last August 3, 2019 for a Digital Transformation Workshop, held at Soleste Hotel in Quezon City. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Richard Progalidad, President of Leentech Network Solutions, Inc., Bayan Academy’s technological innovation partner.

Mr. Richard Prodigalidad, President of Leentech Network Solutions, Inc.began the workshop by asking the NATCCO teams about their understanding of digital transformation.

Ms. Sylvia Paraguya, the Chief Executive Officer of NATCCO, began the workshop with her opening remarks, stating that the workshop would be a milestone for the organization as it was the first time they would be learning about “digital transformation,” and that NATCCO would be clarified on where and how they would move forward in this digital age. 

The units present during the workshop were the Human Resources unit, Accounting Unit, Kaya Payment Group, MICOOP, and the Knowledge Resource Center group.

The workshop aimed to educate the NATCCO units on the concept of “digital transformation.” Mr. Prodigalidad began the first part of the workshop by defining digital transformation, and going through the eight phases of digital transformation with NATCCO participants. Mr. Prodigalidad emphasized the importance of a digital core team who would champion and ensure the development and manage the digital transformation journey of the organization. Upon ending the morning session, Ms. Paraguya synthesized the discussion by applying the concepts learned in the context of NATCCO and by reminding the participants the importance of going back to the vision of NATCCO as the organization would go through the transformation - improving the quality of life of the Filipinos.

The NATCCO participants break out into smaller groups to brainstorm on the business model canvas activity for the proposed digital platforms for NATCCO.

During the latter half of the workshop, Leentech presented the proposed digital platforms which NATCCO could consider planning for as they go digital in their products and services. These platforms include an e-Commerce platform, centralized site, e-Learning platform, and Hotel marketplace. Using the digital platform examples, the NATCCO participants were divided into four groups for an exercise on creating a business model canvas for the platform assigned to them. The groups were provided with a template for the canvas, and were given 30 minutes to discuss within their groups on how they would create the business model for the assigned platforms. The activity ended with the presentation of the business model canvas that each group was able to come up with.

The workshop ended on a high note, with the NATCCO team being excited and motivated in beginning their digital transformation journey. 

National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO)Digital Transformation
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