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Posted under step on May 31, 2019
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Quezon City Academy (QCA) was established in 1953, with the aim to serve the Quezon City relocatees from their original communities in Sampaloc and Intramuros, Manila. In 1964, Justice Carmelito G. Alvendia, Sr. acquired QCA. With his leadership and vision, QCA has won over the patronage of its target communities, such as Bago Bantay, Project 7, Project 8, Sto. Niño, Pag-asa, Project 6, Balintawak, Bagong Barrio, San Francisco del Monte, West Avenue and other nearby areas in Quezon City.

Day 1: Dr. Eduardo Morato, Jr. opening the 7-day Teacher’s Training

To continuously live up to Justice Alvendia’s vision, "A learning institution that provides quality education at the least cost and develop leaders in effective, creative and productive communication to meet the global competition of the next century.", QCA saw the need to reinvigorate the school’s positioning to increase its competitiveness given the challenges and demands of the K to 12 basic education program. An example of a critical threat to QCA was their declining enrollment. A lot of QCA’s targeted student population have been choosing to enroll in bigger schools such as, for instance, University of Santo Tomas. The parents’ hypothesis was that enrolling their students in such big schools provided their children with a higher chance to enter college in these big schools. 

To counter the above mentioned threat and to realize QCA’s vision, QCA partnered with Bayan Academy to position itself as an entrepreneurship high school aligned to the 21st Century skills and information and technology (ICT) trends through the re-engineering of the school’s curricula. To achieve this outcome, there were three identified partnership outputs: 1) Seven-day teacher’s training; 2) designing of QCA’s junior and senior high school curricula; and 3) mentoring of QCA’s faculty leaders in the school’s repositioning process.

As the first step, it was necessary to begin with the educators by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively advise and mentor the QCA students to gain an entrepreneurial mindset. With this, Bayan Academy delivered a seven-day teachers training from May 20 – 22, May 24 and May 27 – 29, 2019. The sessions were conducted at QCA and Bayan Academy, both at Quezon City, Philippines. 38 QCA educators participated in the training program.

The seven-day training course, conducted under the Training of Professionals (TOP) unit of Bayan Academy, covered the following modules: Self Mastery, Entrepreneurship and Management, Understanding by Design, and other learning methodologies that are responsive to the 21st century transformational skills. The entire program was facilitated by various educators and experts in their respective fields, including Dr. Eduardo Morato, Jr., chairman and president of Bayan Academy.

Day 2: Group photo of the QCA teachers with Dr. Milagros Lagrosa

Dr. Morato shared that entrepreneurship, by its nature, induces hope and forsight. These mindsets must be embedded in the entire educational system to keep the school moving forward. The intention of the training was to develop the educators who could ignite inspiration and who could rally a progressive and creative QCA.

Mr. Carmelino Alvendia, Jr., chairman and president of QCA, believed that it was the best time to inject a new mindset in the system and the entrepreneurial mindset was what could distinguish QCA from other schools, not to compete, but to provide their students what they deserved. The seven-day training became a space for the educators to improve, not just as teachers, but as individuals and citizens in general.

With the completion of the first partnership output, the QCA teachers were set to undergo the next phases which included curriculum design development and mentoring under Dr. Eduardo Morato, Jr.

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