RAMCAR – Philippine Batteries, Inc. Management Training Program and Cadet Engineering Program (Batch 1)

Posted under top on February 11, 2019
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RAMCAR Group of Companies (RAMCAR), a Filipino-owned organization which started out as a manufacturer of batteries in 1919, has since expanded to other businesses as diverse as fast food chains (KFC, Mister Donut, Tokyo Tokyo and Malcom Cafes), metal works, real estate development and furniture. 

Day 4 of Module 1 – Learning to Feel with Dr. Milagros Lagrosa

As an industry leader particularly in the field of producing batteries, RAMCAR has recognized that to stay on top, it is not enough to just have refined and pristine organizational operations, but it is also vital to give importance to people and their development. Because of this, RAMCAR has since developed and carried out a management training program for their selected promising recruits. This same management training program ran for years.

Day 5 of Module 1 – Learning to Do with Mr. Marvin Beduya

In 2018, with the intention of raising their management training program to a superior level, RAMCAR, particularly the Philippine Batteries, Inc. (PBI), partnered with Bayan Academy to handle the training design and delivery of their management training program. PBI then named the new program as its Cadet Engineering Program.

Day 2 of Module  – Basic Finance with Ms. Babes Catacutan

PBI and Bayan Academy recently concluded the first batch of RAMCAR’s Cadet Engineering Program. 10 cadet engineers completed the program. It was an 18-day course, divided into 3 modules which ran across eight months. Each module was composed of 5 learning days plus a revalida session at the end of each module. The first module, Foundation Skills, was held from July 9 to 13, and 24, 2018. On the other hand, the second module, Business Skills, was held from July 20, 23, Aug 6, 7, and 29, 2018. Finally, the third module, Leadership and Strategic Management Skills, was held from January 14 to 18, and February 8, 2019. All training and revalida sessions were held at the RAMCAR building, Don A. Roces Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

Day 3  of Module  – Basic Marketing  with Ms. Debbie Nakpil-Rodrigo

The objective of the program was to develop the managerial and leadership skills of RAMCAR’s management trainees / cadet engineers by expanding and enhancing their knowledge in the different fields of management. In addition, it aimed to integrate the existing technical skills of the trainees with the management skills that they would learn from the program, and to apply the integrated knowledge to their respective units in the company.

Day 4  of Module 2  – Technology and Operations Management with Dr. Andy J. Ferreria

The facilitators who delivered the training sessions were: Dr. Eduardo A. Morato, Jr., chairman and president of Bayan Academy and the following teaching fellows of Bayan Academy – Dr. Alejandrino Ferreria, Dr. Milagros Lagrosa, Ms. Estelita “Babes”  Chavez-Catacutan, Ms. Debbie Nakpil-Rodrigo, Mr. Aaron Palileo, Mr. Jose Maria Magalona Jr., and Mr. Marvin Beduya. Dr. Morato was also the lead panelist for the three revalida sessions.

Day 5  of Module 3  – Strategic Planning and  Management with Mr. Jose Maria Magalona Jr.

In one of the discussions of Professor Morato during the Adaptive Leadership and Strategic Planning session in the third module, he told the participants, “Don’t be a one-note Samba, always force yourself to learn and be teachable, you should be willing to unlearn to learn again.”

Revalida 3 with Dr. Eduardo A. Morato, Jr.

The commencement exercises of the Cadet Engineering Program were held at Cities Events Place, Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, Quezon City last March 8, 2019. Ms. Rochelle D. Oropesa, vice president – Human Resource Management Development of RAMCAR, and Mr. Carlo S. Sagun, program director of Bayan Academy, presented the certificates of the cadet engineers.

Group photo, after the conclusion of the Commencement Exercises of the Cadet Engineering Program, with all the cadets, the Talent Development Team of RAMCAR, and the Bayan Academy representative


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