Leading in Times of Adversity and Reimagining REX

Posted under bayan on May 02, 2020
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To start the conversation, The REX Leadership gave statistics on basic education in the Philippines. In current global rankings, we occupy the last place in Reading Comprehension and second to last in Science, Technology and Mathematics. Students are also not challenged by schools. REX also uses the recent BAR exam results as an example. There is a high mortality rate in law schools. 4 in 10 finish their studies. Only 1 in these 4 pass the BAR exam. There are challenges in the education system in the age of technology and social distancing. It is acknowledged that there is a need to step up.

For Dr. Morató, Philippine education has always been in a state of adversity. There is a constant need and call to step up. Innovation and leadership are then indeed vital. He proceeds to discuss these two central ideas.

Innovation is a transformative process propelled by visionaries who are guided by principles. In the 21st century, education will be pursued by individuals. It is scary at first but read the signs of the times. We are now in the digital age. This global health crisis has reemphasized this reality and accelerated everything.

As for leadership, there are three elements: inspiration, transformation and adaptation. Leadership is about the future. There is nothing that can be changed from the past.

Leadership in crisis requires all of us to be heroes with both strength and courage. Strength is having the fortitude to overcome loss, panic and ignorance. Courage is the resolve to face encounters despite fears. A leader must show his people that he knows what he is doing.

“Coercive leadership is accompanied by compassionate leadership. Love is the basis for the latter and discipline is the foundation of the former. Keep in mind that an organization with no discipline during good times will crumble during crisis”, Dr. Morato says.

Dr. Morató reiterates that in organizations, people should be prioritized. We all need to advance together. Technology will advance and education will keep changing. The challenge for REX and for all of us is to adapt, reimagine the world and move forward. advance with the times.

This session's premise was rooted on education, innovation and leadership.  Learning is at the center of all this.

Dr. Morató has always given this key advice: Always render yourself obsolete each day. That very act ensures openness to change and eagerness to learn. Indeed, both great teachers and great students are always great learners.

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